Refugees on Rails / Leipzig


Refugees are too often seen only as a problem within Europe. We want to prove that our new neighbours offer an opportunity for Europe to enrich its culture and empower its economy. Our aim is to help refugees to build and expand their qualification as software developers and provide them with valuable skills that will improve their chances on the labour market.

With the help of volunteers organizations on the field, we wish to allocate donated laptops to refugees and provide them with high quality learning resources, which enable them to learn programming step by step by following clear instructions. IT-students or professionals will accompany and facilitate the learning process as mentors.


We are ready with planning the Refugees on Rails events for Leipzig.


The introduction event is planed for 2016-10-13.


At the moment the registration is closed.

Who is this for?

Our mentorship meetings are meant for all interested refugees from the Leipzig region

You should have decent English/German skills and a strong interest in computers. Programming experience is very helpful and welcome, but not required. Everything else (laptops, location, drinks, etc.) will be provided by us.


Use our Facebook site to get in touch with us and get information about the Leipzig RoR events.